I'm tired of kid's and people. facilities need to be built f

I'm tired of kid's and people. facilities need to be built for people that can't live in the real world that can't function in the world. kid's with mental illness need control with the right medication and under strict supervision. they need control and confinement not out in public to destroy other people's lives or themselves. the tired of the drama and games that these people are playing. if you want to party and continually do drug's get out and stay out. my bfs son is still doing the same thing he's been doing for 5 yrs and again he overdoses on Christmas day Jesus birth WOW. No consideration for anyone but themselves. a true narcissist.

They are called mental health institutions.

@CKBlossom I know what they are called. some of these businesses that are closing in these states remodel renovate them to accommodate mental illness people. These people need help rehabs don’t work unless that person wants help. My bfs son only goes to rehab for a vacation. he has no intention of wanting to get better. he took his stimulus money before he left and paid the people back for the money he owed. He’s into everything from crack to coke to heroin to pills you name it he’s doing it. My boyfriend is set to retire in 4 months in fact he is filling out the paperwork that he needs to retire and in the process of looking for a house to move into. The sun is being left behind it is time he figures out life being 29 years old. He will either survive or die it’s his choice.