I'm trying to decide if I should tell my parents and/or best

I'm trying to decide if I should tell my parents and/or best friends about my self harm. I feel like it would be good to talk about it, but I don't want to worry them. I'm also concerned having my parents worry about me will just stress me out more. Advice?

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I think you should tell someone that you trust and or someone that does it themselves and maybe you guys can work it out together : )

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@CuteGirl1 I don’t know anyone else who does it themselves. The only person who knows is my therapist, but I’m tired of feeling like I’m lying to everyone in my life.

@CuteGirl1 Ok. Nice to meet you.

@CuteGirl1 I’m a girl. Little bit older than you.

Four years.
I'm not comfortable putting my real name up

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This is all good. Now you both have someone you can confide in while you support each other and decide whether you can let your parents in on this. Can I make one suggestion to help each other mutually. When you get to know each other a little better, if it works out... Both make a promise to each other that will help you and help each other. Not the promise that everyone makes "I will not cut" or "If you cut I cut." Those just don't work. Just make this simple little promise "If I feel the urge to cut I will do everything in my power to get in touch with you and let you help talk me out of it." What do you both think?