I'm trying to figure out how to escape from this place. I d

I'm trying to figure out how to escape from this place. I decided I would rather take my chances on the street.

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my advice, place it safe, stay where you can get help.

Girl - if you are planning on leaving a safer environment because you feel you need to escape, please try to have a better plan that hitting and staying on the streets. You sound as if you are very wise about living on the streets by whatever means necessary - so you are a smart girl and not a "stupid one." However, perhaps stay where you are - it is a safer despite the hardships of rules and regulations cause you difficulties and seem unfair to you. If you decide you have to leave - please have a plan that doesn't expose you to the predators of the street and the harshness of the world again.

It's just hard to explain... I get so stressed in here...I got put in timeout cuz I slipped and fell and had a seizure....they said I was trying to hurt myself....I've started having seizures again...idk why....I was doing so good

My social worker is picking me up tomorrow for a dr appt. They want to see why I'm starting with seizures after doing so good. I'll see if this is my chance to escape.

@stupid.girl don’t escape. It’s too important to get the Dr appointment. Find out what’s going on. There may be something wrong. For your future find out. If you still feel like escaping do it AFTER results are in.

SG, do you have any other options? Take some time to look for an alternative before just bolting and having to fend for yourself on the streets without anyone there to watch your back.

I'm back at an old place...its a lot better. not perfect but better...thank you

@stupid.girl that is good, better is good.

Hi. My daughter (now 20) had a similar "moment" when she was in her teens. It's hard to be someplace you don't want to be---however you CAN be much happier.... It's called "make it work for you". Wherever you are-get something positive out of it. Even if sometimes it is just a hard learned lesson
Sooooo positives: You have food. Shelter. Medical care. Education. You have people in charge that are caring and doing their best-you are the other half of the equation. Therapy is offered and while you may be resistant-think about it--what does "not participating" in therapy do for you?????? At some point you will get out.
IF you run away, what does that do for you?
Also learn to negotiate and compromise. Honestly you are lucky you can be on a computer and have outside connections. My daughter never got that in a psych hosp or psych res treatment facility...
If you focus on the positives; obviously see the whole picture---perhaps the positives here outweigh the negatives? Not saying there aren't negatives. We all need to be heard! Talk about the negatives with your therapist! You will b heard and feel better

Wishing you more happiness

@NCMom thanks…I’m out of that place…it wasn’t a psych place…it was a group home…an industrial like group home…just hard to explain…even my social worker didn’t much care for it…and the therapist I had…suggestions from my social worker and previous therapist were ignored…

Glad You R out of the bad group home. Hope the doc appt re the possible seizures goes well
Getting your feelings out and being heard is important to everyone! I don't know where u got your name here....????
Do you want to keep that? You seem to be pretty smart! Pretty strong! Motivated to get somewhere // and you DID get out of the bad group home so you achieved something the right way and pretty quickly... Hmmmmm. Big pat on the back
Hang in there. Make it the best experience you can

@NCMom thanks…I got the name cuz of things i did…they said…you are just a stupid girl…sorta stuck