I'm utterly depressed. I keep getting really manic at work

I'm utterly depressed. I keep getting really manic at work. I'm shaking really hard right now. And if it weren't for autocorrect none of this would make sense. I snap at work. And it's getting bad. My dad is making fun of my anorexia and adhd. Someone help!

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First of all don't listen to your dad, anorexia and adhd are not things to joke about and that is very insensitive to do that to you. Perhaps take a few days off if you are able to, just say you are ill and cannot come in, as you are feeling depressed, which is a type of ill. Taking a few days off will help you to get yourself into a better mental space. If you can't take any time off work, try to came your breathing down and count to ten, only focus on the numbers, then count again, it will help you calm down and help stop the shaking. Remember that no matter what anyone says you are strong and can do anything you put your mind to. I hope you start to feel better.

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