I'm worried and stress out

I'm worried and stress out.

I've been married for 30 yrs with a narcissistic. I have learned a lot, but I decided to separate from my husband. He doesn't want, but I can' keep living with a person who doesn't have empathy for me. It's really hard to leave him, but I have to do it. I wonder WHEN, HOW,...

27 for me, and I WAS SO FOOLISH!

@monkdown how do you feel after you Ieft?

I HAVEN'T . I'm living in the attic trying to avoid contact. still raising 16 year old. trying to move forward but narc talks big game but depends on me for everything, plan is to move out if they dont first in 18 months to graduate high school

@monkdown sorry to hear that. Have you ever thought of making an escape plan for you and your child?

im glad i know now. sanity is a great gift. discovered march 17th 2015 she was a narc