In a box that keeps getting smaller and smaller

i just dont know what to do im on medication but the voices are getting worse and worse and im seeing shadows everywhere morphing into very scary figures. i feel like im being watched and controlled by the goverment and ive even thought that they are sending me direct messages through the tv i am very scared and alone and i dont see my pdoc until early next month i just dont know what to do

hello, sorry you are having a hard time.
I also see shadowy figures and i have voices. Is there anyway they can schedule your doctor appointment sooner. They have has to do it for me a couple of times.
please write and well talk.

they wont move my appointment they have too many patients to see or something i dont know they always drag me around the bush so i just have to wait these shadows are a new thing i havent been seeing them until recently but they do scare me alot