In a room full of people yet totally alone

in a room full of people yet totally alone

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Im with you, im the person always standing in the corner

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@Jennifermcarr I can be in a big house, filled with family, and I will still always be all alone

Me to im the only single-smoket in the family so i am the pariha

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@Jennifermcarr Yeah, that’s my out. I’ll just stay outside and smoke the whole time. Usually I would always have at least my Dad out there smoking with me, but he is gone now. Honestly, if I were the only smoker, I would be happy because I wouldn’t have to deal with “those people” (my so-called family)

Sorry about your dad. Atleast you can go outside and smoke, i cant even do that around my family.

@Jennifermcarr Oh, I don’t care what my family thinks of me anymore. They will be stressing me out. I WILL go out for a smoke! F that!!