In a tough spot. My husband has pleaded guilty to battery

In a tough spot.
My husband has pleaded guilty to battery today. He was told that pleading guilty would get him counseling and a possability of having his record cleaned. The charges were brought up after a fight we had over a year ago. I am well aware that my husband is an abuser and had been for years. I finally gained the courage to call the cops. It scared him and snapped him into reality and he hasnt laid a finger on me since. now were burdened with these charges that have to be dealt with. Yes i agree counceling will help him greatly, but I feel like If I never would have called, he wouldnt have these charges on his record, we wouldnt be paying all of these fines, etc. It is a difficult situation with its pro's and con's. I just feel like it is all my fault. :(

Hi there! So sorry to hear about your situation. I was in an abusive relationship for two years. I never called the cops on him but I DID leave him. I felt a lot of the same emotions the you are feeling now including regret. But one thing that I did learn was the I should never of regretted my decision to leave him. No man (or woman) on this earth has the right to put their hands on anyone. Ever. No excuses, no stipulations. If abuse continues then something must be done at all times. Now whether they change or not, and whether you decided to stay or not is your choice, but under no circumstance is it acceptable to lay a hand on anyone. Your husband will have learned has lesson (hopefully) and will apprecisate you for saying NO, if he is a real man. If he holds your 911 call over your head then he in no way deserves your presence! Do not feel like you did anything wrong. He deserves every fine, and every anger managment class he may get. Clearly it would do him good. You do not deserve to feel burdened! Im sorry if this sounds harsh, im not trying to make it seem that way, but im very passionate about this subject (since I went through it myself) I have no intentions to be offensive and I apologize if I came off that way. I will be praying for your strength and deliverance. God bless!

His actions caused your reactions which cause the fines. Not your fault. But it is understandable why you may feel guilty. Just remember, his choices caused yours. You had no other choice.