In case new comers are scanning through for support.. just w

In case new comers are scanning through for support.. just want to mention that our moderator, Tabbylady, has created a wonderful website called It's a totally free workshop that helps walk you through what's happening and how to heal.

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Thanks for sharing, Debbi! We have sure seen a lot of newcomers this week--wow. I'm focusing not so much on how many narcs this means there are in the world, and rather that a lot more people are discovering SupportGroups. Which is a great thing! Anyway I'm glad to welcome them all here.

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Yes, Tabbylady, we do welcome all the newcomers. It's just such a shame that the flow of empathetic, nice people who have just discovered their role as a narc victim is never-ending.

There is a show available on YouTube called "Bully Beatdown". The premise is simple: bullies are brought to the attention of the series' producer, who then offers the bully a chance to win up to $10,000 by going into the ring and spending 10 minutes with an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter. The bullies are so overconfident that they take the bet, and then they always get their head handed to them on a platter. The money they might have won goes to the victims.

I think the people on this site would get some satisfaction out of watching other bullies see how it feels...

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@KurtMichaels wow that sounds like a show i would love to watch with a big bottle of water and popcorn w/butter. Thanks for sharing that Kurt -:slight_smile:

1tomanytears - I'm sure you'll enjoy it. There are quite a few episodes created over several seasons. I haven't seen one for awhile but your enthusiasm is catching - I think I'm also going to watch a few bouts and make some buttered popcorn, but wash it down with something other than water - maybe iced tea.

Please let us all know what you think. I really believe that most narc victims would get a vicarious thrill from seeing these a-hole bullies get their butts kicked royally and embarrassed in front of a large audience. Surprisingly, most of them act contrite and make apologies for their bullying behavior. At least while they're on camera...


Thank u Debbi!!!!

Kurt! Googling now! Thanks!!!

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I'm new and this site is already changing my life!! Thanks you so much for sharing!

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