In July, the N told his bff that we were sleeping together

In July, the N told his bff that we were sleeping together. She told her ex bf who was my friend and I didnt tell him about it. He stopped talking to me when he found out the N went with my in August to visit my family. We were there for 3 weeks. I told my friend he was there and he stopped talking to me.
I have been missing him, bc we got along really good and i think we had a good connection so i msg him yesterday saying to forgive and that if he only knew what was going on but he said whatever i have to say its bs. Im so heartbroken. One person said to me months ago that he wasnt a true friend if he acts this way. What should I do?

let it go..................nothing you can do. doesn't sound like much of a friend.

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@1tomanytears thanks i will then. bc i was thinking of replying to his msg but then my phone died and i lost everything i had written. And bc that happened i thought i shouldnt replied and instead came here.