In need of advice

hi im new and im needing some tips and advice on how to stop watching porn

Have you considered any OTHER alternatives? If your just wasting away watching porn then please look within yourself or if affordable try counseling & behavior modification. And I for one would really like it if someone here would stay for the long haul & discuss w/us what your thoughts really are & whats really going on, so the rest of us here could learn something from it to be some what capable to offer more suggestions that might help. There arent any quick fix statements that are gonna stop this. Please be brave enough to talk it out here. I admire you for posting, & how are we going to learn if someone wont share from their experiences.


Depending on where you live there is free counseling and support groups, just visit,11664,4177-1,00.html

There are also other placed online I found that furthered my education about pornography and how dangerous it can really be.

I would also go to youtube and type in "A drug called pornography" and watch all 7 clips. It was educational enough for me to want to get some real help.

steamboat ... it all depends on how porn you watch. Does it rule your life? Does it affect your relationships? Does it interfere with your job? Does it alter the way you look, treat and interact with women?

If it doesn't I wouldn't worry too much about it. A lot of people tend to rip out the proverbial RULE book and cast it off as sin. It really isn't unless it is altering your life in a negative way.

Remember, you have a biological and mental need for sex. If you are unfortunate and do not have a companion, then porn is the alternative that you have found.

However, if porn is affecting your life then you really need to address this. I would suggest speaking to a therapist.

Good luck.