In so much pain and so depressed today. anyone want to talk?

in so much pain and so depressed today. anyone want to talk?

I Could use someone to talk to. How are things going?

Hi im sorry ur having pain and depression. Me too. Whats on ur mind.

Should we make this a "come and talk" thread? What's up giraffelover? Sleven, what's going on? Starlight, lay it on us.

hi-talk to us - tell us your problem it will help by writing it

I'm just in a lot of pain. It's my back. And then to top it off today's all about family but I was working not that it mattered. I didn't get invited over anyone's house for the holiday anyway. It just makes me feel like no one cares. Like they are abandoning me. It makes me upset so I thought I would come on here and talk about it. Seemed like the healthiest thing to do.

@giraffelover That’s a big bummer bro… Of course that upsets you, no one would enjoy that. Even though you’re unable to attend, an invite makes you feel appreciated. A small comfort might be that everyone knew you were working and figured they might as well not because you’d turn it down. Anyway, we’re here to empathize with each other, so I’m with you in your… misery is such a negative word, but hey…

idk, people get like that a lot with me they always assume that i am working so they never invite me anywhere. it hurts to be honest. like no one cares.