In tears, feeling down and alone. I don't know what to do an

In tears, feeling down and alone. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm in therapy and i'm taking meds too but nothing seems to work. I can't take this feeling any longer. I just wanna scream. I'm suffocating. I dont feel like living anymore

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I understand that train of thought. It's not that you want to die but the thought of going another minute feeling like you do is to much to stand
You just can't. Even though the lows are this low, try to remember how high the high is. If it wasn't for my daughter I would have said thank you life I've had enough. But you are here for a reason, someone saw you as strong enough to carry this pain. It won't be for nothing I promise you

When you look around you and see nothing but more reasons to go measure hose, you sink a little more inside and have a sense so strong of being alone and broken that it's unbearable. Look inside not around. Something has kept you strong enough to still be fighting yourself for your life. What is it? At this very moment you are stronger than ever because you are still breathing and taking a pain head on that a lesser person wouldn't be able to. Give yourself some credit for accomplishing that you made it this far. Then give it again every minute that passes, because it truly is. You got something inside you that you know is worth fighting for and hanging on for. Find it. And be proud of it. Be proud that you are reaching out and not giving up. My mom asked me when I was gonna stop smoking and I replied "well, nobody likes a quitter" lol. Hope you smiled :)