Inpatient treatment tomorrow

so i just wanted to say bye and thank to every one for all you support though im very nervous about going to treatment part of me is relived i wont be able to post for ia while i be there a minimum of 90 days possibly longer i i will update if and when i can once i getto level 5 at the facilaty then i can get a pass i try and let you guys no how i m doing in the mean time i wish you all the very best youll all be in my prayers and thoughts lots ogf love leah<3 xoxo

Leah will be thinking of you and proud of you for pushing through this..Just keep pushing through.You withold that strength inside you.As hard as it can be you can get through will form some good friendships and gain control back of your life.Just stay focused on what your gaol is..FREEDOM.

Love ♥

Leah....take care and please focus on what is best for you, even if you don't believe it right away. Utilize this opportunity!! HUGS..Jan ♥


I'm so excited for you!! ♥ I'll be thinking of you, dear! Please write and let us know how you're doing as you're able... And remember... You're not giving UP control... You're learning to take it BACK from Ed. ♥

Love you,