INSANITY workout

I have owned the Insanity workout for almost a year now. Being honest, I have only used 2 of the 10 discs provided. Pretty pathetic. I recently decided now is the time for a change.

Has anyone done the Insanity workout? If so, how were your results? Can you give me any tips for being successful?

In case you don't know what this workout is, I've provided the link below:

wow this looks like a hardcore bootcamp!!! i haven’t done it, but have tried more mellow workouts like windsor pilates and yoga-booty-ballet. pilates definitely worked for me when i did it 7 years ago. i’m trying to get out and do more running. but let me know how this works out if you do it.

I did it and loved it!! Here is the link to my results photos

Success tip.... stick with it, no matter how hard it gets. You can take breaks, don't feel like you aren't bringing it when you do, they do in the video. You will get stronger as you go along. Just don't quit. If you have problems with a move, find a way to modify it. I had to do that with a lot of the jumping ones. It's a super good workout and you will def get results if you stick with it. Message me anytime if you need support.

Hey I did in Insanity and still do one or two of their workouts a week because it is an awesome program! It continues to kick my butt every time I use it.

Tips for using it, be consistent do it everyday no matter how sore you get!
-Even when your muscles start to burn keep going. Like he says Push.
- Drink water all day everyday.
-hot tubs are excellent for sore muscles (maybe not the best but atleast it feels good.)
-Change up your diet. When I did I was having an Isagenix Shake after the workouts and I believe that seriously helped my recovery time, and I wasn't as sore.

It's an awesome program stick with it!