Inside Out 2 and the new emotion-Anxiety!

We feel seen Disney Pixar, very, very seen. -SG

Added anxiety, anxious

OMG, is that what my anxiety looks like? Seems about right!

I loved the first movie! It’s one of the things that got me interested in psychology. I’ll be majoring in it for college next year.

That is amazing. We haven’t watched this movie in awhile, might need to rewatch during the Thanksgiving break. Did you get your college applications in? Acceptance letters go out next month right? What is your first choice for college? -SG

Like we said, we feel very seen, it looks a little like a Fraggle Rock character, doesn’t it?

OMG yes! Red!

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:100: That’s it!

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I already got accepted into college since it’s a late enrollment because I changed my mind about my Education degree I got earlier this year, but I won’t start until January. I’m just going to a University in my state.

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