Instances of Thyroid Cancer on the Increase

I think that this is a very important article regarding Thyroid Cancer, because if detected early it's one of the most easily treatable cancers;

"I was reading a magazine story this week about Dancing with the Stars contestant Jennifer Grey (if you don't know her from Dirty Dancing then get that DVD as soon as you can!), and she mentioned that she was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It wasn’t serious, she said. It was diagnosed early and her doctor told her it’s highly curable when caught in the beginning stages. She had the lump removed and needed no further treatment. She was very upbeat about it and has moved on pretty quickly. She never even mentioned it to her kids until she helped out with a cancer fundraiser and is now in full health and hitting the DWTS floor like the dancing queen she is!

Instances of thyroid cancer are on the increase. For women, it’s now the fastest growing cancer, although it’s still uncommon as a general rule. The cancer grows in the neck – attached to the thyroid gland there that’s shaped very like a butterfly...."
        Source: EmpowHer, by Susan Cody, 10/18/10

What r the symptoms?

dear puppydoglvr ;do u know any general info. about treatment & testing of hypothyroidism ? if not, do u no anyone in that support groupother than blueeyes that might ? as always, thanx & luv & you'llbe getting looonng message from me re: q uestions on navigating site again, Sorry, as usual, but u sweetly volunteered ! by the way , good news,got a new computer (i don't know how to operate ), bad news i had a half hour convulsion in the post office the other day & so far 4 "genius" drs. (laughingly), don't know what they r or what causes them. just another one of my mysterious symptoms ! i'd like 2 try out for Mystery Diagnosis if they would only have me... luv 2 u-barri

I have graves disease & a goiter. I've often heard they can diagnose it w/out actually removing the gland?

Barri, I am not quite sure on treatments, as I don't have direct experience with it, though I am happy to research for you if you would like. And, I am thrilled to hear that you have a new computer, yay! That's so wonderful. I am sure that it makes a huge difference. Please ask away, I am always here to help in any way that I can.

I meant to say that the thyroid removal is the only way to diagnose it?? Or mayb I meant to ask that?! Ha

I am curious as to how many with NHL also have thyroid problems? I am hypothyroid. Still have thinning hair( and my hair was thick all my life, even after losing it to chemo) cold feet, hands, tiredness, dry skin, burning eyes, etc,. I take medicine for it, but still having symptoms. Oh, and I have a really hard time losing weight and have gained a lot in the past 20 years.