Insurance co not covering meds as of Jan

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but my insurance co is not covering some of my meds as of Jan and my dr and I are fighting to get them to cover them or find something comparable to take that the insurance will cover. I had major panic attacks with this yesterday because I didn't have my anxiety med. Finally last night we managed to get something that the insurance covered but now I feel horrible today from such a severe panic attack yesterday.

I don't understand why the insurance co stops covering meds they see you are continually take, you obviously need them if you get them filled every month!

Anyone else having this problem?

Shellie4466, I am so sorry for what you had to go through with your insurance company's coverage of your meds. Though, I am so happy to hear that they are now covered again. How are you feeling today after your day yesterday? I hope better.

I am feeling totally washed out today. I had such a severe panic attack over not being able to get the major med. Once I have a panic attack like that is wears me down for a couple days. I did manage to do a couple things this morning and am trying to work myself up to exercise a bit which may help with the way I am feeling today. I wish I could cut back on the amount of meds I take so I don't run into these problems but when we have tried to cut things out and to a minimum I have ended up in the hospital then back to the prior list of meds.

Thanks for the positive vibes..well needed today.

How are you feeling?

I know how draining a panic attack can be, as I've had them in the past and they really do suck the energy out of you. If you muster up the energy for a bit of exercise, that will definitely help. Have you ever tried lessening your meds very slowly, rather than cutting to a minimum, which can be too dramatic.

I have in the past tappered off meds while transitioning to antoher med or to just stop the med. With this situation I didn't have the option to do that. When I went for my refill I was told it wasn't covered and it was $116.00, a little out of my price range with all the other co-pays I have.

I relaxed today but am tired and very emotional tonight. I've asked my husband to be near me while I try and do some exercise (a walking video) so I have his support to push me to keep going instead of just stopping because I feel to exhausted. He's very supportive!

I'll keep you posted. Thanks for staying in touch

I just replied to a post concerning how to get a discount on prescriptions See post #11. Recap…Online you can find discount cards that save you up to 65% above any insurance or other discount type card. Check it out you will be amazed. I am new to this blog…new to blogging as well. I see everyone exercising and supporting each other. That is so wonderful and great to see. I just read where the CBO just announced that 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week reduces your risk for diabetes and breast cancer.

Exercise can be tough for some people, like me, but i do know if you keep at it, you will feel so much better emotionally and physically. One day you will wake up and really feel the difference in your life.

Tell your husband for all of us out here… THANKS for being great.

I love how supportive your husband is of you, that's so wonderful! I'd love to know how your work-out went and how you are feeling?

I did some of my JumpSnap jumping jacks. It's the programable jump rope handles that counts calories burned, jumps taken and time. It is really hard and gets your heart beating really fast! I can't do much at all, those boxers make it look so easy. I am embarrassed to say I could only do 1.19 minutes but 140 jumps in that time. I just noticed on the dvd that there are 4 different workouts on the dvd. I'm not even using the dvd yet just trying to build up time jumping let alone by a exercise regimen. I'm gonna try and do more before I retire for the night but at least I did get the heart pumping for a little bit and I do feel a bit better. I think that's the part that matters most, I feel a bit better! I'll keep you posted tomorrow..thanks so much for all your support and for keeping in touch.

Wow, 140 jumps...that's so fantastic! Good for you. You will only keep adding more and more and more. It's all about taking small steps to getting there.

Just did my new cardio workout tape for at least 10 minutes, I am sweating my butt off! A little each day. I'm gonna do my jump rope today to, have alot of anxiety today so I have to keep doing something. Thank goodness our friendly groundhog didn't predict a long winter, the seasonal anxiety gets me something horrible!

Got weighed this afternoon..lost 4 lbs this past week, that's helping me feel better. Now I'm going to push even more to exercise daily!

Yay! I am so so so excited for you! That's such fantastic news, thank you so much for sharing. Keep up the great work, you are well on your way :-)

Insurance can be a real problem. There are several sites for prescription discount cards that are free. Some sites will try to charge you a fee, but keep looking there are many that do not. You simply print a card and present it at participating pharmacies. Walgreens, CVS, Walmart are all very popular places that take these coupons. I recently picked up my prescriptions that Walgreens discount price was 388.00, with the discount card my new total was 119.00. These cards can save you up to 65% above your insurance. Check it out and good luck.

Thanks for the reminder about checking out the insurance on-line. I had done that before but never went through with it and had forgoten about it. I'll try today to look for something. This is to stressful, don't we have enough to deal with just with the bipolar?!

Shellie, I looked up the discount card that i like for you… Its the web site Let me know if you have any trouble with the site. My daughter is the one who spotted this one. Ive used it several times and saved lots of money. From what i can see the biggest savings are on generic meds, but does discount everything. This one applies after your insurance and any other discounts. Sometimes you have to remind the pharmacy that the card works above your insurance or for example (discount is applied on top of your Walgreen discount price) My daughter just picked up her prescription, 66.90 was the Walgreen Discount Card price, then after applying this discount card the new total is 9.00. Cant beat that.

Good luck with yours.

Have a wonderful wonderful day, you deserve it!

I printed out my card. This looks to good to be true. I thought there'd be some kind of premium or something. How does this company make money if they don't charge us but give discounts? I just don't want something coming back on me later on.

Share..has your daughter had any issues from this card? They don't even ask your address or anything?

We have had no problems really. I have saved 100’s of dollars already. The way it works is that all the drug companys get together with the participating stores which are listed on your print out. They give them deep discounts to honor the card. So for example Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, etc. gets all thier money back from the discount card program.
you just give the card to the pharmacy when you drop off your prescriptions, they may not be familiar with it…but the instructions for them are there and i have never had to wait or was never turned down. They should give you the card back so you can reuse it.
It does seem to be to good, i agree. Ive used it several times with no problem. Same as my daughter no problems…

The first time i used it at Walgreens they gave me the lowest discount between the Walgreen Card and the Discount card. The next time i went in i told them that my daughter was using it as well in different town and they told her that its supposed to be a discount above and beyond the Walgreen Card, Insurance Plans, Medicade etc orginal discount. This way you can really save. So now Walgreens, Walmart and CVS all give me the discount card price and the pharmacy’s discount price as well, like Walgreens Card. For example, Regular price prescription without insurance is 195.00 then with insurance or Walgreen Card it is 105.00. Then they apply the discount card which then makes your prescription 10.00. Its really a great card. They will never come back to you. This goes to show just how much medicine is marked up. Drug companies have been getting RICH. I have some other tips like this i can share with you later if you would like. Its all about saving or keeping our hard earned money.

Please let me know how it goes for you…don’t let someone behind the counter having a bad day stop you from saving. Just give them a big smile and hand them over the discount card. You just watch how many of them say what a good deal you got and ask you for the web site so they can get one to.

Hope your having a great day.

Share, excellant information, as health care costs are killer. My husband had back surgery in Dec. & the doctor was out of network (go figure) and it was an emergency (of course), so not alot of time to find in network doctors, we got slammed w/an almost $80,000 tab to work through for the next few months w/our insurance co......WOW.

Thanks again, April

April, download a card for you and your family, sounds like you really need it. Just a suggestion…but you may want your doctor or the operating doctor to review your bill for you. I have heard that as many as 95% of all medical bills have errors (example; wrong billing numbers). It may help you if someone besides your insurance company look it over, insurance companies find these mistakes but don’t always give you the credit for them.
Good Luck with your insurance.

Share, thank you so much for all of the valuable information regarding insurance online. I know that so many people are without insurance or having a hard time making payments, it's so great to see all of these options out there. Thank you again!

Shellie, how are you doing and how are you feeling today?