Introducing me

hi all, im new here. ive been on the sidelines for quite some time, just reading posts. now i think im ready to get some support, so i decided to join. a lil background on me: ive been struggling for about three years but only recently parents found out and made me start recovery. after refeeding since end of sept, ive gained some weight but am alright with this. however, i know feel like i need to take it a bit slower because i feel like turning back whenver i have some stress or feel down. i know this is wrong...

i guess my first question goes out to all of you here, who in my opinion, are ever so friendly!
i always feel that i eat SO much, although i know i need to. but maybe someone can post an example of a typical meal plan they follow? i know we are supposed to gain weight, but how many of you really stick to the plan? please, any support would be helpful. i want to stick to my plan but am struggling to hold on to the moviation... :)

I'd love to see an example of a meal plan also ♥