hi everyone i am a 20 year old girl really struggling. this is really my first time posting something online but i am willing to try anything. i am in therapy at this point in time

i see a nutritionist who has been helping me lose weight but over the past months or so i have developed bulimia. i am overweight and i wish i weighed x. my friends are supportive of me but only my best friend really knows what is going on.

i have tried to tell my parents but they were unsupportive. they dont want me to go to support group or work. just focus on everything at school.

i am lost in what to do. my coping skills have not been working but i am an artist and i love painting and writing poetry.

i have read a lot of poetry on this site and they truly are an inspiration to me. some of those pieces have inspired me to develop my own poetry and all my teachers and therapist have appalused me for doing everything.

i just hope one day that i am able to tell my parents whats really going on

Hi...I was looking for support groups for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and your post came up. Sometimes things happen that we do not know the reason for. I have not dealt with bulimia but have had some friends and patients that have had to deal with it. However, I have learned how hard we struggle with ourselves and how hard it is to cope.
My suggestions are:
1. Surround yourself with positive people, they will help you to remain positive. Put the negative ones to the side for the time being. You are #1 and have to do what is best for you.
2. I commend you for having a conselor. But eating disorders typically develop because there is an underlying psychological issue. Perhaps you might like to consider finding a conselor to help sort thing out.
3. It sounds like your parents are not willing to acknowledge that you have a problem and you are asking ofr help. Sometimes having a trusted third party (like an aunt or friend) sit down with you and your parents may help to hit the topic home.
4. Just because a slim person is what is portrayed on TV and in magazines doesn't mean that everyone has to be slim. You just have to like yourself. There are people of all different shapes and sizes that make this world go round.
Try to be positive and compassionate and patient with others. You will find many negative people in this world...stay away from them.
Good luck.

hi lizzy!

welcome! have you told your therapist what is going on??? have you told anyone what is happening???

what about this nutritionist? why is she helping you lose weigth??? hmm that does not sound right to me...

you need to tell your nutritionist. and your parents/ need support...

if your nutrionist does not help you, dont go to her and go to an ED nutritionist--they have them out there...
they have dieticians that deal with EDs.if your nutrtionist does not help you---find someone who can..