Invisible illness is very hard to deal with. Because everyon

Invisible illness is very hard to deal with. Because everyone around you thinks you're fine because you don't look sick. Dealing with a non stop headache, and sore joints all the time, after a period of time you learn how to keep quiet and just endure it. God, I hate even saying that because no one should have to be strong and silent about this all the time.

I agree.
Can't even mention any of my health issues to family or I become a bother to them.
Just this past Sunday, boyfriend's daughter made dinner. A dish made of mostly beef and pork. I can't digest meat or i will have abdominal pains for days. Been saying this since being hospitalized in March. So when asked why I wasn't eating I reminded them. He said, "See what I have to put up with?" She said "yep."
Translation "We don't care about you."
I'm sorry you feel no one understands. But people here do. Having to be pleasant even when you are hurting sucks. Sometimes you just want to scream. Wouldn't that scare the piss out of them?! Lol

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@Inmylittleroom sorry I just had to pop in and tell you that I actually gasped and my mouth dropped open when I read your reply to bmilbrath. I can not believe the idiotic comments they made about you not bring able to eat because of the meat. How RUDE and so disrespectful not to mention hurtful. What’s wrong with them???

Whenever I mention anything my chronic pain it's like I need to vent but it's also nice if a loved one can at least acknowledge what I just said and say something like I'm sorry have you tried x...y...or z? It's nice for them to say something...anything like have you tried a cold pack or heat today? Let them know you need to mention it sometimes because it's frustrating having to live with chronic pain...its normal for people to talk about it. I'm sorry you're not receiving the support you need.

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Littleturtle is right. Just an acknowledgement would give some validation. It's bad enough you are suffering, but having to do it without any comfort from the people closest to you is wrong. A simple "Can I get you something?" would be well appreciated. Maybe ask for help, if your situation allows it.

@Inmylittleroom yeah. A lot of the time, I am only talked to if they want me to do something for them. Never just shooting the breeze. Of course, I usually want more than that once things get going. I have only one friend I talk to weekly on the phone with. Everyone else is through text or messaging.

Dear bilbrath,
I am so sorry for your struggles. Please accept my apology
for your being hurt. I know for me when I feel bad, which
is a lot of the time, I lose perspective. There are things
in my life that are must do for my safety and protection
and I am sorry but folks will just have to accept that. I
am not trying to be ornery or ask for special privilege, I
just can’t do certain things because of my illness. I know
people can’t see my handicaps but they are just as real,
believe me. I am trying to stay healthy as possible and
stay out of the things that make me sick. I really would
appreciate it if people would accept that and not mock,
tease or be abusive in other ways and in return, I will
try to be more sensitive to the needs and conditions of
others. We all work from our picture in our mind and I
know that I may be out of line with others just as they
are sometimes with me. But if we all try to be more aware,
live in kindness and be compassionate the world would be a
better place. I am praying for you and those who struggle
in unseen ways. I am praying for kindness and compassion
in my own life so that that I can make life easier for
others and I am praying for me to have the right words to
say when they hurt is hurled so that I can bring light
into the situation. God bless you.

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Teasing, mocking, ignoring, neglecting people who are suffering are forms of abuse.
Standing up to abusers is not easy. They may become even more offensive.
Calmly explaining when they do certain things hurts you may help but don't expect it to.
These abusers need to go to Compassionate class 101.

@Inmylittleroom Great definition of Narc behavior. I agree with your Sentiments.