Is anyone else in highschool? Itd be nice to talk to a peer

Is anyone else in highschool? Itd be nice to talk to a peer that will understand how its been treating me..

I just graduated this year

@ShareBear12 when and if i get more comments would u want to be in a groupchat?

@Elucas I'm not on this site too often, usually it's just scrolling through feed, so I'm probably not gonna respond too much, so it's up to you if you want to put me in or not, since I might not respond too much

@ShareBear12 the site barely sends notifs i was thinking on a different thing?? Like whatsapp or googlehangouts, instagram stuff like that for it

@Elucas Out of those, I only have Instagram

@ShareBear12 dm me on there my @ is boba._.boy

It's been 3 years since I graduated, but the highschool was a living hell for me. I would like to talk, if it is fine.

@BellHy okay :slight_smile: ill be making a groupchat on Instagram, dm me on there if u have it my @ is boba._.boy

I'm in high school right now, I just made this account so I'm not sure how active I'll be, I'm all ears if you wanna talk about anythings though.

@Kaden_dragon well whenever u do, here is my instagram, dm me when u see this im making a groupchat :slight_smile: boba._.boy

I’m in Highschool as well. I would love to talk anytime!

@KB101 i will be making a groupchat on Instagram, hopefully u have it, dm me, boba._.boy

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