Is anyone up and wanting to chat

is anyone up and wanting to chat

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R u ok

@Farmboy17 i have a hard time dealing with nighttime due to something that happened years ago so i stay up many nights, how are you

I'm ok sitting at work. I'm the same it's how I first starting working at night myself. I'm ok

@Farmboy17 it’s funny how when at night when someone askes me how I’m doing it’s a loaded question for me i never know how to answer, i hope your doing ok in a good way i so need a night job it would help with the flashbacks and the thoughts hat plaugh at night, what do you do?

I work in a campus store, I never what to say either, Not really use to talking about myself. The flashbacks can hurt but u have to train/will ur self to think of things that r postive. What r the things u like or like about u.

really that sounds neat do you like it? I'm the same way that is why i came to SG to help others not to talk about me I'm not a big fan of me lol. ugh they can it's just not easy to deal with with alone at night. i like to knit I've been knitting a lot a night to help keep my mind off of things

It's ok it's a job lol at night especially on the weekend lot of drunk students it gets old quick lol. Knitting huh, what type of stuff? I came to SG to be around people who understand. I also started a night class it's been going pretty good. I just been trying to keep busy it helps.

cool it sounds like a interesting job, I've been making baby blankets for my nieces i really enjoy it, Im a cutter and until i came to SG i didn't know that wasn't the only one who sufferered with it too it's nice to know your alone when you feel so alone sometimes you know, for me keeping busy has kept me alive and out of my head a lot of the time