Is cyber-cheating really cheating

I found this article to be very interesting, as I've had friends who have dealt with cyber cheating in one form or another. As mild as dating someone for 4-6 weeks and seeing that they're still actively online dating. What are you thoughts on this?

"The latest form of dating and relating is abundant on the world wide web. The online dating world is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anyone and everyone. Perhaps this is part of where cyber-cheating comes into play, 'anyone' can partake. It does not take a genius to create a false email address and attach themselves to a dating site. Some of these people may chose to remain anonymous and merely find a rush in this type of on-line fantasy world. Others have the agenda to pursue these secretive rendezvous outside of their 'real-life' relationships. Point is, it wouldn't be called 'cyber-cheating' if it wasn't a from of...CHEATING.

If there is anything that you need to hide from your partner, or lie about, it is considered a form of deceit. Anyone who views cyber-cheating as 'not really cheating' is in denial. After all, is the communication you have with your cyber-date something you could openly share with your real-life partner? Do you portray yourself as being in a relationship when you are involved in an on-line situation or are you putting out false pretenses as a single person when you are not one. There is always the risk that you could be found out about the secretive communication with your on-line connection. It's a good rule of thumb that if your on-line activities could not be conducted in front of your real life partner than it's likely inappropriate behaviour.

For anyone who is disillusioned with the idea that on-line chatting or dating is not harmful you are sadly mistaken. Cheating is considered to be any activity that is hidden and potentially hurtful to your partner. This means even searching for mates or starting what you may 'think' is a harmless conversation. If it's something that you feel you have to hide from your partner then it can be considered cheating. Cyber-cheating can lead to real life cheating very quickly, and often does. Just because physical contact may not have occurred does not mean it's innocent. Would you be okay with it if you discovered your real life partner was having private conversations and emotional connections to an on-line person outside of your relationship? Likely not.

With all of the chat and email monitoring available these days, anyone with doubt should get themselves informed. For anyone participating in on-line communication outside of their real life relationships consider yourselves forewarned. If you get caught, there will be consequences and hurt as if you had cheated beyond your on-line contact. Why is it that you are inquiring about on-line connections in the first place? If you feel the need to disrespect your real life partner with online situations, perhaps you should have the wherewithal to let go of the real life mate and portray your single status as legit."

Source: Helium


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