Is it just me, or does it seem like the days and times you n

Is it just me, or does it seem like the days and times you need support the most, the fewest people are there? Because today has been crap. And pretty much all of my usual supporters have been unavailable as well as it being a painfully slow day for my posts.

Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT complaining about anyone. I just hate it when you're really hurting and nobody's there. I have to head for work in about ten minutes and won't be able to even check on here for another 4 hours or so. So it's almost like by now, there's not really even any use in posting this. Ugh.

I tried. Have a great night everyone.

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Sorry u dont have the support u need right now i hope ur time at work brings you some peace of mind

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@Angelina267 Thanks, I usually do have a good deal of support. So I didn’t want to come off as blaming or not grateful. It just seems like many times when I feel bad, everything just evaporates. Pretty much 100% of my support is online because I really don’t have any friends who will come over and hang out or sit with me when I feel like this.

Anyway, yeah. I hope work helps. Who knows? I’m just not gonna expect anything to get better that way I’m not let down if it doesn’t.

I understand jus think we never kno whats gone happen maybe work will calm you some kund of way have a good night

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When needed most I'm too late to ask for help then it just seems like Pity

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@Still02 What do you mean exactly?

Sweetie read what I just wrote. Add to it to help anyone else who may need encouragement. I wish I wasn't the one who did this to myself but I did. And dying is not the way people.