Is it normal if a person greets the other person, they're be

Is it normal if a person greets the other person, they're being ignored? Back in my second year of high school, I sat on a chair next to a guy, who's my classmate, I said hi to him, but he didn't respond. I said hi again a little bit louder, but he didn't even respond.

Idk, there's various reasons why someone wouldn't respond.

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@Jordan5683 is right. Some people are shy, anxious, have poor social skills…

Sometimes it better and healthier to focus on our mental health and well-being. Is this person a close friend? People can be grumpy and rude for so many reasons. They may not even realize how they affect others.

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@andine No, not really. He’s just my classmate. We’ve only interacted one time.

@KidDJ: Sometimes we hide when we like someone or hide when we dislike someone. Human behavior can be quite confusing.

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@andine I’m guessing being a loner would be the best choice.

Try to be happy with yourself and do what you enjoy to be healthy and active. Your joy will attract others with like minded interests if that is what you want. :)

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@andine I do have close friends. It’s just that I’m a social introvert, unlike extroverts. Just an introvert person with no confidence.

Sadly, we are so susceptible to outward influences. Extremely difficult to believe in ourselves if we are not receiving positive messages from others. Nothing wrong with being an introvert. What a boring world if we were all the same. try to give yourself small compliments and positive reinforcement often. Good for you for being on this site! :)

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@andine Thank you so much, andine. Supporting you back.