Is it ok to have some casual encounters & not telling the pe

Is it ok to have some casual encounters & not telling the person? I dont think its going to get any further than that. We also have friends in common & i dont want it to spread around -.-

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No, you really should disclose. If that person gets herpes from you, then it will REALLY get around to the friends you have in common

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For you to ask this question says a lot to me. You ended up here because of someone not saying something to you. If you have sex with some one else and you don't tell them you deserve whatever comes your way. Who knows you hide your herpes and he may just hide his HIV. Have some decency and speak up to your partner. If you can't speak up then you aren't mature or responsible enough to have sex. If you do it I actually hope you get caught and everyone finds out so you will think twice about taking someone else's choice again. Make the right choice and disclose. take care.

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@EricaM18 so just because Im asking for advice you telling me I have no decency? Most lf us wouldnt be here if we had some.

Ditto. Think about the consequences. Selfish sorry.

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Well you are still implying. Not very nice to assume.

@lisajd reality is a big part of people with std got it because they sleep around with people they dont know well. Sad but true…

You are still making the assumption which is not appropriate.

@lisajd just my opinion

But the sad fact is that people also dont know they have it and transmit it to someone they know well. Sometimes we need to take care of our comments when people are already sensitive