Is it wrong wanting to dress how I want even though I look u

Is it wrong wanting to dress how I want even though I look ugly in it? I was about to go out with my friends when my mom suddenly stopped me from getting out of the house because I dressed differently that I'm used to. I am a bit fat, and I wore a short blazer and tucked in t-shirt with a high waisted trousers. My mom then commented that I look ugly because the curve of my fat *** is visible and all the curve in my body is a bit showing. Usually I wore everything baggy so from the outside I will just look like a square body but today I feel like a bit daring even though I know I look ugly. Now I'm back with the baggy clothes in order for my mom to approve of me going out of house. Is it wrong to look ugly but feel confident with myself?

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I'm sorry your mom said you looked ugly that's really hurtful. She was probably a bit shocked to see everything shorter and tucked in. Sometimes making a little tweak here and there can make a big difference in an outfit. Today I had to keep messing with how I tucked my shirt with the pants I was wearing. I only tucked my shirt in the front in the middle then let the sides and back hang down so it was partially tucked I thought it looked better then fully tucked and the full front tucked. Maybe next time you could tuck somewhere in the middle like not tuck so much maybe at least try it. Sometimes just one thing can throw the whole look off.

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@Fohb460 she always told me I don’t look good no matter what clothes I wear. Usually when buying new clothes I bring my mom so she can choose it for me. But sometimes I feel like I want to dress a bit different and my mom never approve me showing a bit curve of my body. It’s so frustrating and put me in a bad mood so now I’m not enjoying my time hanging out with friends. It’s not like my mom has a good sense of fashion anyway because she likes to clash color/pattern of the dress and when I told her off about it she just brushed me off

Get other peoples opinion on what you have on like someone at a place selling clothes.?

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@105 I asked my friends and they said it’s acceptable… I don’t know maybe I’m just too ugly in general