Is organic better?

not sure if i talked about this before, but good info about organic foods:

"Ever since my toddler started eating table food, I've fallen prey to the dilemma with which so many modern moms struggle: whether or not to buy organic.

Scary headlines about toxins in our food (not to mention the environment) are everywhere I turn, and each time I go grocery shopping -- whether it's at my neighborhood farmer's market or the Wal-Mart across town -- organic offerings beckon. But is organic really better? And can I afford it on my already overstretched grocery budget?"

read more here:

thanks for sharing this article. i always wondered if organic was just hype or if it is actually better. i would love to have more organic food in my fridge, but sometimes its hard cause its so much more expensive.

I only eat Organic....You can TASTE the difference.