Is stoping sex the answer

Ive currently decided to be abstinent but the only problem is Im married. Im starting to feel like all me and my wife do is f*ck and fight. Im tired of the rollercoster and decided to get off and make her work on her issues. She doesn't want me to have female friends, be on facebook, hug females I dont know or recieve a ride to work from a female coworker without her complete consent. Im not sure how long I can live on her island. She has finally agreed to get some marriage counseling and depending on how well that goes will determine whether or not I feel like we are prepared to continue having sex. Im just curious to know if Im wrong for cutting out sex from are relationship until we get stronger spiritual conection?

Hi Jat42,
Nope sounds like it makes perfect sense to me. How else to get your point across! How great that you want a stronger spiritual connection. And you are a male? I did not even know that men think that way. I would love to meet a man that thought of having a spiritual connection. It sounds like your wife is very insecure. Have you done anything in your marriage to cause her to feel that way? If not then you must look out for you. She must find happiness in herself and not be so jealous.
Hope things get better for you. If you need a friend I am here for you.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks Lily, and yes there are some good men out here who arent gay or weird. Its unfortunate but Ive found most women dont want a good guy, they want somebody who might be on their way to prison instead of someone who’s working on a masters. In this relationship my wife has suspected that I was cheating but could never provide sufficient enough evidence to support her claim. Im not perfect at all, but I would never blatantly disrespect her. I try to be truthful even in situations where Im doing something I shouldnt do. I want this to work but it wont if she continues to suggest Im a liar when Im attempting to be truthful.

thanks for the friend invitation but my wife wont let me have female freinds.



aint life a pain, good for u for making a stand and showing others men dont think the be all and end all of relationships is sexually based.

does she see a doctor for her problems? has she always been this way or is it something recent that has occured?

im glad u want more from your relationship and u are right to demand the best, not just for u but for her as well.

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

Domestic, my wife didnt start becoming completly insecure until after the twins were born. Then things got to the point where I couldnt charge another females phone if my charger fit. The turning point was after that incident when I told her that I was convinced that I couldn't tell her everything because she takes things the wrong way. I told her that 3 years ago before we got married and she still uses that against me for a reason not to trust me! Ive suggested that she get counseling and she shot me down, after the most recent incident over the past week she has finally agreed to marriage counseling. However, depending on how hard she works will let me know its time to have sex again, and of course that this relationship is worth hanging on to.



u have a long road ahead of u hon but good luck

at least u have a starting point in consuling

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)