Is texting ruining or helping relationships

I've been a texter for quite a few years and I've been trying to do less and less of it now, because I am making a concerted effort to talk face-to-face or on the phone rather than text. I see the benefits of texting when you're running around and busy. Though, I've also seen it become a primary form of communication amongst many.

Do you feel that texting is ruining or helping relationships and their overall communication?

I'm a fan of texting. Although I find it easy for many to use texting to avoid certain things (I'm totally including myself in this), but it's what we do now and I'm ok with it. So long as a relationship can have a healthy combination of texting, talking, and face time. If it's only texting, it wouldn't be ok with me. We are all so busy with our lives, texting is an easier way of staying in touch and saying what you need to say, on your terms and then the other can respond when it's convenient for him/her. Like I said, needs to be a healthy balance. We rely too much on technology, but that's what's going on.

xo, July

I am a texter, but I have mixed feeling of whether it is healthy for a relationship. Since I tend to isolate myself from the world, when at all possible, it was a great invention to me. I can facebook my family and friends, text instead of call, or even answer. I'd have to say it would be clearly an individual choice. It seems it would affect people differently depending on the type of person you are. For me, it just gave me another way to avoid actually having to talk to someone. I agree with July, there has to be a happy-medium of all communication types combined, to keep it healthy. It can be used as a crutch, also.

Agreed, balance IS necessary. My 18yr. old started having an issue w/texting when his girlfriend would text while they were talking on the phone & he said he could hear beeping while HE thought she was listening to HIM, he then came out & told me his frustration about it & then said "Sorry mom, my bad" cause he understood THEN how it does impact others & make one feel like someone else is not interested or listening to what THEY are saying.


Absolutely agreed! I think that if there's a healthy balance, then it's ok to do. Thanks for all of your great feedback.

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