Is there a certain age when your child should stop using the

Is there a certain age when your child should stop using the bottle and only drink from a sippy cup? My daughter is a little over 13 months and since she's been 10 months old I've tried several sippy cups. Not at all one time. So far i haven't found one she likes yet.

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@newmom2014 You are certainly a new mother..... I remember those days.My youngest a girl, she is 13, she didn't wanted to take the bottle, when she was a baby.... Even though I used the nursing pump, and it was my milk! She refused the milk! It was a good thing, I took 12 months off work.... In my country, you are given 12 months maternity leave, either parent..... It took more than a year, before she took the bottle. Yes, at the end of the day, every baby is different, and so are the circumstances. Just do you! What's beneficial for your baby, and youPlease stop 2nd guessing yourself....! Some babies loved the sippys' cups, others don't.... Go with the flow! SG friends are here, to support, and be supported.... Be strong the best is yet, to follow.... Hugs my friend.

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@Irma thanks :slight_smile: i don’t really have anyone to talk to about this, so i ask in here or Google. When I ask people at work, they pretty much say get rid of all the bottles then and she’ll drink when she will drink. Or I’m babying her. But I’m happy just giving her the bottle still :slight_smile: sometimes it can take awhile to get her to finish the bottle cause she wants to play. But she’s happy :slight_smile:

@newmom2014 Please don't take advice from anyone, especially family, and friends. Motherhood doesn't come with a User's Manual, it's from Trial, and Error.... Believe in yourselF! Your baby girl, and you are going to be alright! Best wishes! Season's a Greetings to your loved ones, and you!

I would suggest talking to a dentist, she is old enough to have her first visit. I was never concerned about what others thought about what I did, I just always liked to have a professional opinion. I used a soft sippy cup that had a sort of nipple that was similar to a bottle. Bottom line, if you decide to switch, they will eventually take it if you get rid of the bottles, but again, you have to make the decision.

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Just wanted to say that my daughter finally drank a little from a sippy cup today. I was so happy and proud. I will slowly transition her to the sippy cup after i buy some more of the ones she finally likes. She's almost 17 months now. Now just have to get her walking by herself now :).

my son wouldn't take one until I bought the soft top Sippy's. Eventually he started chewing the tops off so I made him switch to the hard. By the time the chewing was an issue he was ready for the hard top ones

@purplepeopleeater I’m using the soft top as well, she chews on it and sometimes tries to put her finger through the spout. I’ve bought so many different ones, that i went back to try the old ones again that i have already bought, and she finally drank a little from it.

Our pediatrician always said kids grow and develop at different rates, as long as it isn't a choking hazard, I wouldn't stress about the soft top sippy. I don't think he even looked at a hard top sippy until he was about 2. Good luck :-)

My boys were bottle free around 12-13 mos old. We also used the soft tip sippy cups which my kids transitioned to well. Even if ur daughter hangs on to her bottle for a little while longer, it's fine. My nephew was 2 before he gave up his bottle. The thing that worked for us at night, was at a year old switching to water in the bottle. I know u'r not supposed to give water to babies, but we were desperate b/c our son wasn't sleeping thru the night. It took literally less than a wk for our son to sleep thru the night after that! Good old home remedies. :)