Is there a point?

I''ve had anorexia for so long, I don't even no what "normal" eating is. If I gain even a pound I freak out...even tho my clothes hang off me and I have to shop in the juniors dept....all I see in the mirror is an ugly do I get to a place that I no I can eat and gain a little weight and be ok with it all? Or should I just give up/in to the anorexia. I sleep all the time. Why? Is it bc my body has not enough food? Or bc I'm depressed? Is there ever an end in sight??

Dont give up! Never give up!

Yes, we have all been there. Freaking out over every pound, seeing the wrong things in the mirror. I still see wrong! But I am not giving up.

Recovery takes time. Obviously by coming here in the first place you know there is a problem, and you know you want help- at least part of you does.

Do you see a therapist? Go to a support group? It could be a really good first step to recovery and in time learn to be okay with weight gain.

I am not a doctor, but you are taking a toll on your body. That could make you sleep all the time. And personally with my ED it made me severely depressed so it also made me sleep a lot.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Recovery is hard, and it takes a while but it is definitely worth it in the end.


Hey sweetie,
Allee is absolutely right...Never Ever Ever give up, no matter how hard it gets you have to say No to this Eating Disorder...and you've taken a big step just by saying help here.

Are you seeing a therapist hun? It is so important you do. Your body is probably not able to cope with eating so little and that's why it needs to sleep. I would recommend going to see your doctor immediately and getting a therapist.

There is help out there...don't let an ED dictate your life, when there is a wonderful person in there bursting to get out.

Love to you hun
Moongal x


Ah, sweetie... There IS hope out there... But you CAN'T do it alone... ♥ The sleep... That was an issue for me as well... I both used the sleep to escape from hunger and depression... And because I didn't have the energy to do anything else. INCLUDING sleep! LOL! I had major trouble STAYING asleep... And still do, though that's not ED related currently. :)

Truly, please think about finding a new therapist! ♥ Healing is possible! And giving in is NEVER a good option!



Thanks Ladies for all your support and comments. There are days I think I can handle it...beat the ED. So I eatand the next thing you know my clothes are fitting tighter...I see flab everywhere and I freak out and stop eating yet again. It's totally ridiculous. I know intelectually that all of you are's me emotional self that needs convincing. I have a therapist but all she does is allow me to vent...which hey, I can get that for free LOL? But I live in a relatively small town and so good therapists are hard to find. But Thanks for all the good advice...T.