Is there any medications for arthritis that don't cause othe

Is there any medications for arthritis that don't cause other unpleasant side effects? I haven't scheduled an appointment with a rhuematologist yet because of that and also because my mother has had arthritis for the last 30 years and has been through all the things I am looking at trying.

I suppose it depends on what kind of arthritis a person has and where and the severity in what would work best for them as far as anything but for me specific stretching and exercising makes a huge difference for me. Of course if and when I over do it on something I may have to take ibuprofen but even then I stick to the stretching the two combined really helps me. Just through trial and error of exercising did I learn what works and what doesn't, you won't know for sure until you try. Of course I knew some things before I started a routine but I didn't know about all the stretches and exercises specifically before I started a. Exercise and stretching routine. Massage beds and lounger's have helped me tremendously so if you were able to join a fitness center that has those that is definitely worth a try. Im all for natural methods along with meds if necessary. All i can do is keep learning what helps my body and what hurts it more. I have to pay attention to my limits on how much and for how long and in some case in how I do it. There are so many times I forget about little things such as how a grab something if I'm not careful it can cause me to scream in pain.

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@Littleturtle1000 I have been told that attitude is huge in this. That nothing will work if you don’t expect it to. But also, arthritis won’t kill so I have to keep pushing forward. I have really struggled with my attitude especially as I have dealt with one bad thing after another. Trying, but it is hard to change the mindset. I deal with osteoarthritis.