Is there anybody on here who has chosen to rebuild the marri

Is there anybody on here who has chosen to rebuild the marriage after infidelity? For those members, do you in laws know about the infidelity? I'm struggling with this one.

I have chosen to stay and rebuild. My husband is very remorseful and still has guilt. He is having a hard time forgiving himself. It's a long road but we have come quite far. His parents and my parents know. His our very understanding. And my mom wants an apology from my husband

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@Snowgirl23 how long for you has it been now since you’ve known about the affair and rebuilding your marriage?

We are trying to rebuild. My parents are deceased, his parents know. Our children know, bc I made him own his mistake. I knew I could not keep that type of grief hidden from the kids.

@Betrayedbymylove how old are your kids? Mines are 8 and 4 still to young to understand but he will speak with them when they are older.

Same here. I think our kids are too young and I don't want to harm them.

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@Usmcgirl79 yeah for right now. I mean he has to speak to them when they get older because Im sure he doesn’t want his kids to do the same thing. I always say, they don’t deserve this. especially since he was having his affair, he would say how he needs to be alone for a few hours to get his sanity back. My kids would be always ask where he’s going? little did they know and they don’t need to know now. Its just unfortunate.

We are trying. My wife's mother and father do not know nor do mine. Both my parents and her parents are elderly and I very much think that dropping this kind of information on them could have health consequences for them. She has told her brother and sister-in-law. I made it a condition of our moving forward that she create a support group that will hold her accountable. I didn't care who she confided in. I just wanted her to have someone she could lean on that would listen and would not expect anything in return as the OM did.

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My parents know. His parents do not. His parents think the divorce was my idea and have warned him about reconciling with such an unstable woman (me)

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Both of our parents know and his parents are pissed off at him and mines are as well. The only thing is that my mother did this to my father, so in a way my mom can't say anything. But his mother said if i leave him she will support me 100%. he will be seeing them for the time on christmas since this happened. But we are working through it. He is all in, he wants this to work, he doesn't want to leave him.

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My kids are to young to know now but my wife has vowed to share our story with them when they get older. Since we are trying to reconcile, we have actually spent time talking about how we could create a positive story out of this. Obviously it won't all be positive but somehow tying in that true love is graceful and with the right person, you can overcome challenges. Something like that. Our story isn't finished yet. I'm still a mood swinging lunatic most days.

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@Piwo33 we are planning the same thing for the same reasons. Possibly turning a horrible nightmare into a remarkable gift for our kids. Surviving infidelity firsthand would make us uniquely qualified to help our children avoid it.

I hope all of our children escape this life, never being touched by a partner's infidelity.

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I'm so uncomfortable now. We will be spending Christmas with his family and I haven't spent time with them in over 5 years. Part of me wished they knew the truth.

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@Usmcgirl79 it was uncomfortable to spend thanksgiving with his family, and they know what he did. They are supportive of us, they don’t hate their son but are very disappointed with his poor choice.

His father, also a cheater did not know. His mother did know and cheered him on because she had this sad vision of him being a rockstar. He brought women to meet her because it was too far out of the way to drop them off at home first and didn't think much of it. It pisses me off beyond belief. I believe his mom was a sex addict as well and was living vicariously through him. Now she is under our care and living in a local nursing home. I won't go see her.

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