Is there anyone else in this world who is empathetic and kin

Is there anyone else in this world who is empathetic and kind?! I feel like everyone wants to to try to scare me into being better or say I'm not good enough because they think that helps. But I just want someone to give me support and tell me I'm doing good when I do good instead of focusing on the bad stuff!

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Sometimes people forget how to praise others. I find humans are so focused on the negative, especially parents. I can tell you're trying. Keep trying and don't forget that it's okay to praise yourself :)

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how are you?

You're doing good and have my support. Because you deserve it.

I'm going through the exact same feeling. All I can say is that only you can value your work to its fullest. Don't try hard to impress someone or for any other reason. And I'm not there right now, but just to let you know, if I was, I'd hug you and say "you're doing great"

I can go ahead and tell you I feel like this every single day, so you're not alone! Don't forget there are also others in the same position! Keep going!

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OK I'll tell you the same thing. You're doing good and I support you.

I feel like my parents just want me to pressure me into being even better even though I'm so much better than I was before! Now I'm falling back again!

All you can do is your best! There are plenty of great, kind people out there.
(Maybe don't be too hard on your parents, they might not be perfect but they wouldn't want you to be the best you could be if they didn't care about you :)