Is there anyone that has never ever had an outbreak? please shed some light

Hey everyone,

In efforts to understand my body more I was wondering if there are any symptom free people with active sex lives that have never passed it on (atleast to their knowledge)I was diagnosed over 3yrs ago with herpes type 2, never had a visible outbreak or symptoms that i can recall.

I know all about asymptomatic shedding but im getting different views on how effective it is in my case of transmitting the virus. Ive been told that with regards to being an asymptomatic carrier that the chances of me shedding were very minimal making it less likely for me to pass it on to a male sex partner while using condoms.

Ive become so darn paranoid recently that maybe that backache wasn't from carrying my 3tonne book bag or that slight itch wasn't from shaving or the headache wasn't because i didn't eat all day. its all so confusing. im terrified of even having anyone touch my inner thigh or lay naked beside me cuddling.

also if both sex partners are groin region shavers does this increase the risk of me passing it on?

any advice would be truly appreciated

You are stressing way to much! Be honest, use condoms and the likelihood of you spreading herpes since you don't have outbreaks is very low. You can snuggle, you can shave, just always practice safe sex and avoid contact if you ever have an outbreak.


Have safe sex!! You can snuggle naked. You are beautiful and don't let this stress you out too much (that causes outbreaks trust me lol)...just use condoms and no sex during an OB