Is there anyway a blood test could come back positive with o

Is there anyway a blood test could come back positive with only having herpes for a month? Had an outbreak the same time I got blood tested.

So, there's the IgM and the IgG. IgM is innate immune response and will most likely show positive for immediate exposure to HSV. IgG is adaptive immunity and won't register positive until at least 1-4 months in.

@Sanguine101 Found out that it was an IgG test. Also, they prescribed me to Acyclovir once they saw the bump. Figured that’s what it was. I just called trying to get more medicine and she said I only need to take it when I have a breakout? This is so confusing to me and emotionally draining. I hate myself.

I'm just very confused as to weather my new boyfriend of a little over a month could have given this to me. I'm balling my eyes out now and have been for hours and hours since I've found out

Did your doctor take a swab as well. hAve you actually told your boyfriend yet. there is a possibility that just by having sex with him after not having it can cause an outbreak. I thought I had got herpes from someone because the symptoms were pretty much after that particular one event however he has been tested several times and has proven to be negative so it is not always going to be the case but if you Told your boyfriend what was his answer.

@lisajd My doctor did not take a swab of it. I think I’m going to wait until my second test comes.