Is there some way other than herpes dating sites to find som

Is there some way other than herpes dating sites to find someone to be with who has herpes? I hear people say there are women who don't care, but I have not had any luck. Is herpes speed dating a thing?

yeah there's plenty of websites, positivesingles is one of them :)

You just have to keep on trying. it may be hard for men to meet women who don't care then it is for women to meet men but at the end of the day meeting someone anyway is difficult so don't be too disheartened

unfortunately, there is a huge lack of resources for people with herpes. . . I hope to change this one day! I have found nothing in my area of even close

Exactly! I have tried positive singles over the years and have gotten no where. Over six years every woman I have met and talked to has cared. Massive lack of resources.

I was just diagnosed with HSV2 a few months back, turns out the guy I was in a relationship with gave it to me knowingly. I guess he had it for years.. anyways it's something you have to live with, but I can't honestly believe it will be for ever. Science and medicine is a beautiful thing. In the mean time, I've found it easiest to just love yourself. Good things will come to you, only if you expect them to.

1 Heart really positive forum with ppl who are really open. I haven't tried it myself but I listened to a lot of talks from the site's founder when I was really sad and it helped a lot. How are you telling these women? Maybe delivery and timing could be an issue to consider.