Is this for sexual abuse when you were a child? Or for any

Is this for sexual abuse when you were a child?
Or for any age? Including adult on adult?
My dad tried when I was 7 but told him no. He never tried again. But I also could not sit in a room alone with him again. And I'd lock my bedroom door. Seems like crisis averted but it had lasting affects.
Go forward many many years. A man who was a neighbor passed away of natural causes. Was a relief to me and for someone else.

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Yes, it is for the people of any age can share their experiences.

when the neighbor died i felt alot better.
I never drink anymore.
Back then the neighbors would get together for socializing, drinking, and smoking pot.
I didn't and don't smoke pot. I only drank about once every 2 or 3 months just to get drunk. I never liked the burning in my throat. It did not take much for me to pass out.
The neighbor took advantage. The first time I thought he did something I thought I had just had a nightmare.but it happened a few more times. I stopped hanging out when he was around. Makes me sick thinking about it.
After that he started molesting his girlfriend's mentally challenged daughter. She was 20 with a mind of a 6 yr old. She was afraid of him. When he died I was happy for both her and me.

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I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. It wasn't your fault.

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I should have protected myself better by not getting drunk, eventhough I was with friends.
Why do some people want to be so cruel to others?
They may be damaged in some way but why hurt others?

I’m sorry about your situation. I was in a similar situation, but mine was my step grandfather. It started when I was 7 or 8 & ended when I turned 12.

Mentally, I’m slower than most & he took advantage of that. It stopped when I finally found he was lying when he said it was ok—& a secret. I started learning about all that in school & figured out why I was so uncomfortable with what he was doing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t say anything for until several years later when it happened to my niece. It was nice that she came to me about it first before anyone else, but it made realize I should’ve said something sooner.

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Yeah. That’s when I told the others in the group, was when I realized he might hurt them.
Unfortunately, he did anyway.