Is this goodbye

Its been a few days over a week now, and I still haven't really ate anything since he died. Im trying to study for college and I just cant find the focus I had when I started. Everything thats going around now and they stuff that they did to him while he was knocked out sickens me. The though that he was in any pain even weakens me. I keep thinking about the day i'll get to see him again, but then it scares me because someone told me the other night that in heaven you dont know anyone... and I know if that was the case once you we're gone and up there you really wouldnt think anything about it, but I dont want to think that this is forever. I dont want to believe that im never going to get to see his beautiful face again one day. I know time heals, but it seems that with every day that goes by my heart just breaks more and more. I just wasnt ready to go through this again, not something this big again. Im not sure I know what to do anymore. I feel like I use to have some what of an understanding as to how life worked.. but with in the past two years i've learned.. that i dont know anything.

Have faith, The Bible speaks of us knowing each other in heaven as we knew each other on earth. I cling to that knowledge and look forward to that day I see my loved ones again. Keep posting and expessing your feelings and you will be surprised at the support you'll receive and how much better you will feel. Try to eat soup or something light to keep your strength up. The hardest thing is trying to get back to normal, whatever that is after our loss. Take baby steps and don't expect to jump back to where you were right away. Ask God and he will carry you when you can't walk. Know we are here and so is God. Hugs, Raylene


the most important thing at this time is to get u checked out by a doc, not being able to eat saps strength, and as u have found out by now your energy lvls cant sustain even the most basic things.

as for not knowing him when u see him again of course u will, what u had will survive any seperation even death.

he hasnt gone in the spirital sense just the tangible for now.

you will make it to the sunshine again although the road is long and pitted with steps back rather than forward

give yourself time and remember it is not a race and has no defining end, its when u are ready to move ahead that will be the time to go forward but dont stay too long in solitude or despair he wouldnt want to see u like that

and as for his pain im sure he didnt suffer or know any of the things that u saw, god isnt cruel and doesnt give us more than we can handle at any one time

slow baby steps

keep posting

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)