Is this rite !Help 14 with a problem

is it true if i say yes im bisexual everything will completely change idk wat to do i love girls but i love guys too but my familly thinks its so gross idk wat to do my momma sed if she ever found out we were gay she wud kick us out idk wat to do i cant be my realll self with anyone im so gaurded wat do i do is this even rite

life is a process and it sounds like your are at the beginning of finding yourself. just keep following your heart! trying to figure things out can take up so much energy, meanwhile missing out on the present. everyone goes through a journey and yes, having all the right answers for yourself and smooth road would be totally ideal. hang in there and enjoy being 14, friends and get ready for a great school year. check for support groups for yourself because your not alone. as for engaging your mom into this journey, I would wait till your out on your own and no longer under your parents roof to rock that boat. unfortunately she doesn't sound like she would be of good support. and no reason to tip yourself out just yet!

i understand things will find a way of working thereselves out its life maybe its for me or maybe its not but i feelthat my family will soon find out about this an i dnt want to lie to dem but i dnt wantthem to know either im skared of wat mitye happen an noone i know whos an adult is gay bi lez or anything like that so im jus confused

youre young and you can only be you. Your sexual preferance doesnt change you as a person and everyone around you should love you still. Youre heart is the same it just follows the same sex, but you seem more curious, explore your options there is still a lot in life to learn be patient and youll know when you know, time is key. As for youre mom she will come around if it is what you decide. I have many referances you can use to help yourself if you do find yourself in a hard place, but all in all do you and learn life girl!

I do feel in a way ithat i am bisexual my mom str8 went crazy wn i sed my teacher was an idk my life just wud completely change i mean have i had sex an more with girls yes um do i like boys yes have i had sex with guy yes an im happy with my life an its just starting to come together an this feels it cud mess things up emotionally am i connected to a girl i wud say sorta not really that much!!

Everything will change...Yes absolutely, you'll be yourself finally, no lies no hiding, just YOU.
If you truly believe that your sexual preferance isn't heterosexual then so be it! Just come out.
Your family loves you know, and then will still love you after you come out, you'll still be the same person, the same baby they raised, the same kid they watched grow. You'll still be their daughter their sister their friend...
You can keep this to yourself, but you can't be yourself then, there is nothing wrong with being gay, it is a part of you, something that defines you as a human being, coming out as you really are is just a normal step in the human life, you no longer will be living in a lie...

im skared an wat if im not like i dnt know im sooo lost rite now theres just so much going on im skared seriously an how do you truly find out if you are or not

You just feel it, it is just a part of you, something that grows with you. It may be scary but you're in the right way to find who you really are, and that is a huge step, that each one of us had to take at least once in his life.

i get it im really skared of going on the othersidemeaning wat happens ppl will look at you comepletely different i know i shouldnt care but i do!

you will just know, dont try to fight any of these feelings you have, let them happen they are natural. Dont be scafred because this is you finding out who you are and being comfortable in your skin

okay i undestand just let the feelings i haves coome out naturally dont fite it bc i know its not rite or bc i know others will judge me! but how will i feel if everyone turns on me!?

I can relate exactly to what you're going through. I'm 14 with a problem too. My family doesn't except my bisexuality, even after I opened up and came clean about my attraction to girls. My solution to this: be myself. Who gives a **** if I love girls, that's just who I am. Except it or don't. Think of it that way.

oh thank gosh im nnot the only one who feels this way its been hard because outta my friends i feel im different they can just say yeahim this or that but its so hard for me my parents are so weird thay dont understand me an its like i feel like an outsider in my family but i want to try a relationship so i can know if its real if i really do feel this way about girls!! Do you get where im commin from??

well sometimes things can change. the first person i ever loved was a girl and that turned out all right. on the last day of school i came out to all my friends and it was pretty easy. i came out when i was 13 and it wasn't hard cause it made it easier for my friend to come out the next year. i can only tell you to find someone that you truly care about and wanna be with and be with them.

how old are you now and i hope it will change bc it doesnt feel rite hiding myself an acting like somethings rong with it wen nothing is why is this so hard to do an do you feel anyy different?? did anything change??

well i'm 16 now. nothing really changed except for who i go out with publicly.the only thing thats different is the sense of relief i feel knowing that i can truly be myself and i haven't come out to my family yet but eventually when i do i think it'll be easy cause i've already done it before. it will get easier one day

i really hope so but i probably wudnt comeout to my family till im old enough to have my own house friends ppl i care but dont because if they turn on me i know they werent true anyways but its like ppl judge you off of trandom things which is sad an they think being homo is a disease which is weird bc its the same have doing evrything including sex with the oppsosite sex it maybe different in ways wbt you still have love an compasiion for one another so i think its crazy

i plan to come out on my college graduation

thats so wicked cool but idk i want to do it when heres a big even where all my family is there but the point is i know someof my family is fine with it but since my uncles a precher he want a many more want either

well its never easy but sometimes people can surprise you :)