Is your child becoming a bully?

This is a good article to assess whether your child is becoming a bully;

"Earlier this year, I wrote a column addressing news stories of bullying teens and the sad results for victims of such harassment from their peers. Unfortunately, the news stories of teens bullying continue. Grief stricken parents of teens who committed suicide after being subjected to endless bullying are asking the obvious questions. Why is this relentless bullying allowed to continue, and who is to blame for the lack of a solution?

In a nutshell, my thoughts on bullies are not complex. Society has made lame excuses of how most bullies really suffer from low self-esteem. We all simply need to do a better job understanding these young people and why they strike out at others. That’s just great, isn’t it? Perhaps such advocates should try to explain to those parents who just buried their son or daughter that these bullies are victims too.

The solution? Maybe it’s not simple but I think the key word to begin with is compassion. Some of our kids and teens are greatly lacking in this area, and perhaps you can already guess whose fault that is. Yes, it’s many of today’s Millennium Parents who are breeding a generation of kids with absolutely no compassion for anyone other than themselves.

I don’t mean the average parent purposely promotes their child to become a selfish, egotistical brat with no regard for anyone but himself. However, the obsession that some parents have to make sure that little Bradley or Susie is number one in academics, sports and popularity (no matter the costs) may very well be rearing little monsters who grow into teenage tyrants. Such self-absorbed adolescents may become brutally mean to others who they see as inferior to them — or simply “in the way.”

Are you a parent who is constantly pushing your child to be the best, have the best, and never be denied the best of everything? Perhaps you aren’t pushing for this but are looking the other way and denying the fact that your kid certainly is. Either way, I’ll bet you a steak dinner that your youngster is learning zilch about having compassion for others.

I have spent my career working with special needs children and their families. The latest story I read noted that one teen who committed suicide was teased over and over due to her learning disability. What if the parents of those bullying teens had not only taught their children to have compassion for others with disabilities or differences, but arranged some time to have their young teens volunteer to help the needy, sick or disabled? Children who learn to have compassion for their peers won’t bully them, and are likely to not just stand by and watch others do so without intervening.

Would you like to do your part in the fight against teenage bullying? Teach your children to have compassion for others. To do so, you must not only believe strongly in this, but model it for your children every day. Let’s all be a part of the solution and end the front page stories of kids being cruel to other kids."

Source: Gaston Gazette, by Bryan Greeson, 10/19/10

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i just dont think there is the chance to deal with this untill people get to be teens, in this day and age all competitiveness is disencouraged so its a shcock to meet others who have a down on you cos you are slow, different or just dont have the in thing.

younger children dont seem to play in the streets or go to supervised but unscructured events any more where they learn to rub along and deal with those who are bullies at a young age, giving them stratergies to cope all thru life

nowadays they dont seem to be equiped with essential life skills taught first hand about things untill its too late and they have no where to turn, mayb compassion and life skills need to go hand in hand to eradicate bullies

who knows the answers

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Domestic, I totally agree with you. Great points.