Is Your Man Hot And Cold

Here is another very helpful article and take on why men go from hot to cold and how to handle it;



If your man is making you feel confused - that awful feeling of being loved one minute and practically ignored the next, I know how frustrating and painful it feels to just never know where you stand.

Here's the kicker:

Men are NOT confused.

They know EXACTLY what it is they want and don't want - they just don't always want to give up what they have to give up to get what they want.

And so they ACT confused.

It's up to women to not GIVE IN to the confusion they

We absolutely cannot tolerate this "hot and cold" thing - but we have to deal with it in a completely NEW way than we're used to.

Usually, we complain, tell the man what he's doing isn't okay, let him know what we expect, tell him he's "hurting" us.

And this will never work!!!!

There's a way to communicate to a man that what he's doing isn't "working" for us that will bring him closer, and a way to do it that will push him away.

And to get you all to himself, he has to lay out the lifelong commitment he's offering.

Never TOLERATE this hot and cold thing.

It's useless to try to correct him, to "let him
know" it bothers you and hurts you - trying to change things that way will NEVER WORK - you'll only drive him further away.

The only way to "heat up" a man is to simply not tolerate that "lukewarmness."

Don't make a big deal about what HE'S doing.

Just go out, ramp up your life OUTSIDE of him, flirt with other men, date other men, focus your energy on YOU, and on what's important to you - work, volunteering, changing the world, taking aclass,learning a new language,how to play an instrument - and being out there, among MEN, doing what you love doing.

Either he'll show up big time, and never go
"cold" again, or another, much BETTER man will.

This way - you never end up heartbroken, you
always feel powerful, and self-respecting and you become a magnet for men so attractive it will shock you!


I know, it's pretty right on for those men who go hot and cold. I've been in this situation a time or two ;-)

lol if he gets cold I guess you just gotta warm him up ;-)

Rose, you are hilarious, and oh so right!

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