Issues with being away from homeparents

I have a middle schooler who is fine going away for slumber parties but not away for summer camps with friends of similar age or even various members of our family.

Is usually excited about going away with others but upon arrival gets home sick and usually wants me to come out or be picked up. Never had any issues through age 9 and can't think of anything traumatic that happened to cause this.

I know this is normal for younger childer but not as common for middle schoolers. I am wondering if anyone is aware of anything similar? Just looking for ideas on how to help overcome this. I have tried having incentives but doesn't seem to be working yet.

Hi, I'm the mother of 2 boys, now 18 & 26 & they experienced some of what your describing even as they got alot older so I did my best to not DOWN PLAY their anxiety in whatever situation was happening at the time, kids are kids, I just kept the door always opened to communicate, heck my 18yr. old just started college today & was understandabley nervous & yes its hard to distract them. Keep going, it takes as long as it takes.

Best regards


Thank you April. Was there anything in particular you did that helped them? Were they able to go away on there own? At what age did things change for them?

I just kept listening to them & kept communication open as much as I could. Around age 15 noticed they were not as anxiety ridden & started to let go, relax (so to speak) & be w/friends more. The thing I had to teach myself was to let things happen (good, bad or indifferent) to a certain extent, so they would learn & grow stronger & be capable (w/my guidance) handling situations at school & gain social skills. Then of course came girlfriends & that my friend opened up a whole other can of worms emtionally for them UGH!!!!! Our kids are all different no doubt, unless your sensing something else only a mom would know.

Thank you April, that is encouraging.