It feels great to lay in bed with a clear mind cause he no l

It feels great to lay in bed with a clear mind cause he no longer affects me. My brain n heart r like ok, peace n quiet.. I love it. But I can’t help but to think when karma going to shake him up real good

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Lol!!! I wonder the same about my STBX...I'm not a vindictive person, I continue to pray that he gets his head straight, but man I wish he would get a little pain and suffering like I have been through the past 7 that wrong to think this way?

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@Ellen4550 a lil? They need to feel the pain 3x as bad

Ellen I know that it is easy to feel this way. I am so angry at what my stbx did to me. But justice is God's job. He has a plan for all of us. Wishing him bad won't make it happen or even do you any good. Focus on yourself and don't spend another minute thinking about him.

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@mmadwaite that’s not wishing him bad. They will get there eventually. I sit back and enjoy life cause I know his time will come n my tears will not go unpaid

My ex bought a small house near a lake after we went our own ways. In the last 3 years, the water has risen 5 feet during the thaw of snow and ice in spring. Her damages from both floods must have been over well over 100 thousand dollars. Not sure if it's karma, because many others have been affected, but maybe some sort of energy caused her to decide to purchase the house in that area. It felt pretty good to refuse when she cried and asked for my help. I'm not a mean individual, but in my mind she got what she deserved and there was no way I was going to help ease her pain after what she has done to me. A lot of people don't believe in the whole wanting revenge thing, but it's only fair that they get a taste of what it feels like to have their happiness stripped from them. I think it's great your in that mindset of feeling peace and quiet B0nyta. He'll get his. I'm sure he's already feeling some of that just from the fact that you're not staying in contact with him anymore. I bet he regrets it big time. Just your silence must be driving him crazy.

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@PatMill yes. It does drive him insane. Lol he created two other emails n tried emailing me n I sent them to his side piece. I’m so done with the crap

Right now focus on you and your peace of mind. What goes around comes around for those who have done wrong. Sit back and enjoy your serenity. Hugs

My H is 54 and his AP was 25. They may think they are invincible now, but there is a long life yet to be lived and I know that somewhere down the line they will get what’s coming to them!! I honestly can’t wait!! Im a good person but the pain I have been feeling for the last 11 months has been so profound. That little punk needs to go through what I have to have any clue as to what they have done!!!

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@Heather4781 my husband’s AP was early twentys he was 45. Wth is wrong with these young women, serious issues I think.

Looking forward to the day that it doesn't affect me, glad you've made it there :)

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I've been told that there are special consequences for home wreckers. Hope that's true.

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@LizT15022 So what your saying is that Ellen4550 shouldn’t take the sledge hammer to her walls and renovate? haha