It is amazing to me that after all these years, who Taylor S

It is amazing to me that after all these years, who Taylor Swift might be dating is top news. I think she is amazing, not a Swifty, just having one of those moments where I am like, should we even care, nope.

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So agree with you. With so much happening in the world we seem to have a warped sense in what is front page news.

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@starship I guess reading about her is way better than about the upcoming election, does it seem like a boring rerun to you? I am usually so jazzed and excited about the election, this one is like, well, just voting straight party, because wow, so unenthused.

Politics aside, There is still good in the world but it does not make the news. I just have a problem with celebrities making more money than the general population. Why should teachers, fireman, other public service workers and the normal working class struggle and famous people seem to have it all. And yes I agree we do not need a rerun
like the last election. I wish the politicians could get back to understanding the word compromise. Lock them all in a room with bread and water no cell phones or outside communications, no pay until they can reach a deal.

@starship Ok, virtual high five my friend, that is so on point! I so agree! Well said!

@mmadlecl It is sad, it shouldn’t be so hard for people to do the things our grandparents did, buy a house, save for their kids college…