It is interesting that with all the stories out there of vac

It is interesting that with all the stories out there of vaccine side effects that I never see any post on here. And then the minute I do , I ask about it and it gets deleted. I ask about it here again and they want me to delete it. Why post it in the first place if you are going to turn around and delete it.
So either you are lying or something happened and you don’t want to talk about it.
So my question is why.
In the history of vaccines and medications there isn’t one out there that doesn’t cause side effects.
And Why have this forum if we can’t talk about this freely.
There is so much more to it .. and I am SO happy for everyone who is ok. But I am seeing so many stories of people who are not. So when I see someone post here that it happened to them and then they delete it .. I again would like to know WHY and why bother having this forum.
Nothing is 100 percent safe so let’s stop pretending that this was sent from Jesus himself.

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I don't pretend that this is straight from Jesus, it is from the heart of science and while you are correct, there are documented side effects, that you can read about online through reputable sites, the overall thing is, they are safe. A hell of a lot safer than potentially getting COVID and being put on a ventilator or having long haul COVID where the after affects are debilitating.

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I hear of people having health issues but i also get attacked for mentioning covid in conversation.

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@Lookn4raysofSunshine and that is not right either. It may be hard but we need to talk about it. Try to understand each other. We don’t even know for sure what is going on.
I hear different stories every week.
Just like now.
Now we have Omicron! Conflicting stories on that.
I have been diving deep in many areas for these 21 months looking for answers. And this was predicted.

We have never been through this before. I think we are handling it pretty good considering.
My lowest point was June 18th of 2020.
I thought I was going to die from the isolation. People were committing suicide. I couldn’t get help from my psychiatrist. No one would answer their phones. They wouldn’t see anyone. Those were the darkest days for me. Not from a virus . . From the isolation. . And after that I fought harder than I ever had to find the light somewhere.
I started getting stronger and now I am even stronger.
I don’t bash anyone for getting the V.
So I think it is just like with any medical treatment, it is your choice.
The mandates, people losing their jobs.
All the nurses that were once praised in 2020 are now being fired for choosing not to partake in the experimental V.
These are the things that matter.
We need to fight for our freedom to choose. Because when we give up that, we are not a free country anymore. Look at Australia and Europe. Dark days… but I am optimistic that we will win because more people are standing up and fighting back.

Approximately 5 out of one million people suffer anaphylaxis from COVID vaccines. 500,222,330 vaccine doses; a bit over half a million, have been administered in the U.S.
53 people who were given the Johnson & Johnson vaccine developed thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS); 9 of them died. That's out of 16,265,233 doses administered.
On the other hand, at least 834,455 Americans have died from COVID. In 2020, COVID was the third leading cause of death.
No; nothing's 100% safe, nobody ever said it was. However, the risk of having a serious reaction to COVID vaccines is vanishingly small compared to the risk of suffering serious illness or death from COVID itself. It mystifies me why anyone wouldn't get vaccinated.
Check your sources. The above comes from the CDC and JAMA, not Facebook, YouTube, or Fox News.
I've had two Moderna vaccinations and a Moderna booster. I've had worse mosquito bites.

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@Piobaire it’s so rare yet my one neighbor I talked to that got it got Bell’s palsy.
My sister, brother and father got it and they’re fine. Thank God. I have not. And I am also fine. I have not been sick once.
I take Vimergy supplements. Zinc, vitamin C, and goldenseal. I drink orange juice that I juice myself from organic oranges. I don’t eat too much junk but here and there. I’ve always been a healthy person. I’ve only been sick once in my life. I’m glad that didn’t happen during Covid or I would have thought it was this and would have been more scared. But my immune system was compromised from something else at that time and that is why I got sick. So I think about natural ways to keep myself healthy.
I’m around people everyday at the gym, dog park, grocery store, new neighbors where I live now. Everything‘s fine.

Isnt it strange that biggest side effect is paranoia that one will get covid from the non vax people.

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No the vaccines are not a 100 percent safe. I had my concerns about taking it. I went to doctors and got there opinions and they told me get the vaccine. I have a autoimmune disease. I made the choice to get vaccinated because of my doctors opinions and covid is much more likely to kill me. I respect the opinion of everyone when it comes to this. But you need to get information from credible sources and then make your decision. Let me put it like this. Who would you take advice from when it comes to your money. A highly educated accountant or a gardner. Please listen to the experts and make a decision.

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I acquired listeria from salad (now recalled) and doctor said no way to test for it and refuses to give me antibiotic. I have heart issue and autoimmune issue. Now developing a cough.

I just know that there are other ways to stay healthy besides get a vaccine. That isn’t the only answer here. There’s so much going on and so many things we don’t understand. I have listened to many scientists and doctors over 21 months of this. I research ,I listen to anything I can. And they don’t have all the answers. So how can any of us. There are too many unknowns and I’m not going to gamble my health doing something that doesn’t seem safe to me. What does seem safe to me is natural ways to keep myself healthy and good old common sense.
Nothing mystifying about it. I’m definitely not the crazy one. Nope. I am trusting myself. I am not interested in being a part of this trial. The experimental V.. I’m the one mystified at how you can be so trusting.

And then I see someone post on here that they were in a coma for 3 months after they got the vaccine. And when I asked them about it, they deleted their post. And then they wanted me to delete mine mentioning them. I wanted to know more about it and I don’t understand why they would want to delete their post after they said that. So that is why I question why even have this forum if we’re not gonna discuss both sides of this or discuss anything other than get the V. That is getting very old.
I can’t tell you how many people have posted in private groups on Facebook for example that they have had side effects from the V..
These stories are hidden from main stream media.

Thank God no one in my family has. Other than an aunt I don’t know. She died 10 days after.
I wish y’all all peace and happiness. I wish we all get past this and no one has any problems. I always hope for the best.

If the site is taking down posts against the vaccine and won’t allow discussion then why is this thread still up. We are having the discussion right now. I may disagree with you but I don’t think your crazy. I don’t like the idea of mandates either. But freedom goes both ways. If a company says you must be vaccinated to work there they are free to do so. If a store or restaurant says you have to be vaccinated to be in there they are free to do so. This is what is happening because they trust the vaccines and want to protect there employees and customers. You better prepare yourself for that. I want all of us safe and this thing over but at this point it is never going away. The vaccines don’t make you immune but they make the cases much more mild. You are making your choice I made mine. I hope both of us stay healthy. Merry Christmas

If you disagree with scientists over science, that's not a difference of opinion; you're simply wrong. You do not have the years of education, training, and experience necessary to form a valid informed opinion on the matter. I don't either, so I rely on the guidance of experts.
Look up the Dunning-Kruger effect.

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@Piobaire so I mentioned the scientist above in my other post. I had to put dots in between the names just to get it to post here. It wouldn’t do it before. They are very censored.