It seems, from all the self-help and all stories that I’ve

It seems, from all the self-help and all stories that I’ve watched, that you never quite feel as good as you did with a Narcissist. I feel hopeless, like no other relationship will ever have the same level of intensity. Yes, there were bad times, many, that I still suffer from, but the high times…. man, the high times do not compare with anything I’ve felt before. Is there a chance I can feel as in love and as passionate with another healthy human being without the emotional abuse? or is that a characteristic of only Narcissistic relationships?

i think its also about mourning the loss of those extreme highs and to some extent, lows. It is a big transition to go from an extreme relationship to one that is normal, with normal emotional regulation...arguments of bunny hills instead of arguments like Everest. I think there is also a learning curve where we might expect grand shows of affection and love bombing to prove love, and when we don't get it, we will question if they even love us. do we relearn what love is? what do you think? what does the group think?

Well, if love comes in different forms, why can't "grand shows of affection" and the super cutesey lovey stuff just be what some people are into. The partner I was seeing before my encounter with a narcissist, was really normal, and I really value it, but I remember I never felt quite loved.... even though my narcissist, I'm sure, doesn't love me, since they can't love, I FELT loved by him, truly loved. It's so crazy. However, I know that the previous guy (normal guy) loved me more than the narcissist ever could. he grieved for me months, and I know it still hurts him to hear about me. He would always be on top of my things... if my car tires needed air... or if I hadn't had lunch, he would bring me food. Little things. Things the narcissist never did. I'm still trying to understand how I could feel more loved by one than the other. It's so mind-boggling.

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