It Will Always Be Me Underneath It All

HI my friends!!!!This is just a small little thing i thought of, while my weight kepts flunctuating back and forth during recovery--and I got really really sad...

So I thought of something that helped me...and I thought I'd share with you:

It is still me underneath,

when I gain ten pounds---

It is still me underneath --

When I lose ten pounds,

It is still me underneath.

It is still me underneath,

With no makeup on,

It is still me underneath---

With elaborate makeup on my face,

It is still me underneath---

When I dye my hair many times,

Whether red or blonde or brown or

anywhere in between---

It is still me underneath...

It is still me underneath,

In casual sweatpants lounging around--

It is still me underneath,

All dressed up in glamed out outfit---

It is still me underneath,

When i try to diet myself to perfection--

It is still me underneath,

When i binge eat and eat a lot of cake---

It is still me underneath,

Stressing myself working out to change my imperfect body-

It is still me underneath,

Relaxing in a park while enjoying shimmering sunshine.

It is still me underneath,

my values , my heart, my feelings , my thoughts,

my love, my opinions, my emotions, my personality,

It is all me underneath.

And although I try so desperatley hard to change ME

And get absolutley nowhere:

I have to realize no matter how hard I try to change ME

Myself will STILL be staring back in the mirror.

I cannot run away from myself.

Even thought I might always beleive Im not good enough

Or thin enough , or smart enough, or pretty enough

Or perfect enough...

I will always met ME in the mirror--

It is time to let go of 'the perfection pressure'...

Weather weary or sad or with an added 5 pounds or 5 pounds less or giddy or angry or sleepy walking around with my makeup and hair all messed up---

NO, my friends, I cannot escape ME

For it will always be ME underneath...

Love to all of you!!!


I love the you underneath it all, Maureen! :) Thank you for sharing yourself with us. ♥



thanks sooo much hopeful!!!! love ya too!!!

your very welcome, the more we share--the more we destroy ED...

yes, thanks to this site!



I really like this! This concept is very important for all of us. Thank you for sharing....HUGS...Jan ♥

thanks so much Jan!!!!

yes it is a very improtant concept to come to terms with that we are not what we look like----cuz in societys eyes we are only what we look like, and it just isnt true...



I think you should put some music to this; it would make a great song with a great title: "It's still me, underneath it all"
Thanks for sharing Maureen!

I'd offer to record the song, but singing is NOT one of my many talents.... :-)

thanks fo rcoming up with some really positive productive ideas for me, molly


thats a good idea molly, thanks so much my brilliant kind friend! ive always loved to sing but never thought i could write songs--well, i have some lyrics to songs i have written but no melodies in mind...i was never much of a songwriter which was kinda sad for me, cause i write all other types of genres of writing, so thanks for that idea!

i dont know how id do it or what id do with it---but i sincerly appreciate your lovely idea--since i love musc so much!!!

thanks my friend!!!

you always have such great ideas,

love to you,

love to you all today!!!!